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Our Purpose

WJP Urban Farms is a collection of gardens created from abandoned lots in the city of Detroit. Our purpose is to create green spaces in Detroit and provide organic produce for children and families in need. Learn more about our history and process of revitalizing Detroit!

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Our History

Although WJP Urban Farms was formally incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2022, its origin began in 2012 when its founder, Willie Patmon, bought a vacant lot next to his house to expand his family garden. After witnessing the regenerative effects of his garden on his nutrition and community, Willie continued to purchase vacant lots in his neighborhood through Detroit's Black Farmer Land Fund. As of 2023 Willie has acquired 14 lots totaling just under 1 acre.

After establishing WJP Urban Farms in 2022, Willie donated his 14 lots to the organization to further his social mission of creating communal green spaces from vacant and abandoned lots. Staying true to its founder's belief in growing all organic produce, WJP Urban Farms started the process to become USDA certified organic in 2023. 

Preparation Anchor

Our Expansion Process

To further our social mission, we are constantly looking for opportunities to expand our Urban Farms. Our main process of expansion is via lot acquisition through the Detroit Land Bank Authority. However, we are also seeking strategic partnerships with other urban farmers and organizations who are dedicated to feeding Detroit. If you would like to partner with WJP Urban Farms please contact us today!


WJP Urban Farms works in collaboration with the city of Detroit to revitalize its neighborhoods. All WJP Urban Farms are acquired through Detroit's Land Bank Authority as vacant lots. The mission of the Detroit Land Bank Authority is to return the city's blighted and vacant properties to productive use. 



Following acquisition, all lots undergo rigorous preparation to ensure healthy soil composition free of contaminants. Since most of our lots were once residential spaces, many contain debris from the demolition process. To guarantee our gardens are free of demolition debris, a rock picker is used on all purchased lots. 

After debris removal, all soil is tested for potential contaminants including lead and other heavy metals. Soil composition is also tested and treated organically to establish the foundation for a productive harvest. 



WJP Urban Farms is dedicated to strictly organic farming to ensure our produce provides the most nutritional value possible to the children and families we serve. We ensure all materials used for cultivation align with the organic definitions outlined by the U.S Department of Agriculture. We are currently in the process of becoming USDA certified organic.

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