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Kiddies' Garden

Kiddies' Garden is the educational branch of WJP Urban Farms, in collaboration with Detroit area schools, dedicated to teaching the next generation the principles of sustainable agriculture. View our current expansion plans and how you can help us reach more children.


Kiddies' Garden Curriculum Overview

WJP Urban Farms has developed a hands-on educational experience to engage children in sustainable agriculture in the ever growing urban environment.

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Land Preparation

This module teaches the basics of soil cultivation to ensure healthy topsoil composition.

Apprentices in the Classroom

Multiple modules are classroom based and teach various topics including biodiversity and crop characteristics. 

Plant Growth Cycle

Our plant growth cycle module covers everything from germination to harvest and everything in between.

Apprentices on the Farm

This is our hands on learning module where our apprentices get to put their knowledge in action.

Mission and Vision Statement

WJP Urban Farms' educational laboratory engages children in sustainable agriculture. Urban agriculture is a platform used to empower young children to learn through a hands-on multi-disciplinary approach that combines character development, science, art and history. Children are prepared to become good stewards of themselves, their neighbors, their community and the Earth. The creation of a citizenry that builds bridges across many demographics is paramount to making a positive impact on an ever-changing world. 

We restore vacant lots from blight and create fertile green spaces that are used to regenerate our neighborhood. Change occurs through personal transformation of the individual, who works collectively to create systems that are equitable, just and inform the positive, holistic evolution of the community and the world in which we live.

Get Involved

WJP Urban Farms is constantly looking for additional volunteers to help educate the next generation on the importance of agriculture in the urban environment. To provide a more in depth, multi-disciplinary approach to our curriculum, we seek volunteers in the following professions: nutrition, dietetics, food science, landscaping, biosystems engineering, community sustainability, and horticulture. Additional day to day volunteers are always welcome to assist throughout the season. 

We are also seeking to expand our Kiddies' Garden curriculum to other students in the metro Detroit area. If you would like to see our curriculum taught in your school, please contact us for more information. 

Our Partner Schools

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