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Kiddies' Garden Expansion

Kiddies' Garden is expanding in 2023! WJP Urban Farms is dedicating 2 full lots for the sole purpose of educating Detroit's youth. Additionally, all crops grown on these lots will be donated through Kiddies' Kitchen. See below how you can help our expansion efforts. 

The Kiddies' Lots

Our Call to Action

WJP Urban Farms seeks to further its social impact as it expands its presence within the Detroit community. In 2023 WJP Urban Farms is more than doubling its farmland with the addition of 12 community lots. Two of these lots, totaling 3,600 square feet, will be dedicated to educating and feeding Detroit's youth through our Kiddies' programs. 

We are looking to purchase the equipment listed below to ensure a safe and hospitable environment for our children. Please consider donating today to help us better serve the children within our community. 

Our Equipment Needs

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